Popular front of India deplores use of MCOCA against cricketers

Press Release 5 JUNE 2013 New Delhi
SreesanthNew Delhi: In a press release issued today General Secretary of Popular Front of India O.M.A Abdul Salam condemned that Popular front of India deplores use of MCOCA against cricketers.
It is quite disturbing that the Delhi police have invoked the harsh provisions of MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organized Crimes Act) against cricketer Srisanth and 22 others allegedly involved in IPL match-fixing scandal.

MCOCA is an anti democratic law which belongs to the same category of notorious laws like TADA, POTA and UAPA which have received a lot of flak and popular protest.

Maharashtra government brought this draconian law in 1999 in the name of controlling organized crime and merrily used it against innocent people and kept them behind bars. But cities in Maharashtra and elsewhere we witness not decrease but increase in organized crimes.

Provisions of this law provide police with power to arrest anyone who seems suspicious to them. Until proven innocent courts cannot give bail to the accused. While we have several other laws in our constitution regarding organized crimes, retaining such laws and using them is shame on a democratic country like India.

Therefore we, Popular Front, strongly condemns this anti-democratic act on the part of police and demand immediate its withdrawal

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