Popular Front of India welcomes the fast track courts

Calicut:Popular Front of India welcomed the steps initiated by the Union Home Minister to institute fast-track courts to deal with Muslim prisoners jailed under UAPA and such draconian laws.

In a resolution passed by the national executive council of the organization held in Calicut 0n 18-19th May 2013, the organization observed that such urgent measures are necessary to put on trial hundreds of remand prisoners in the country and decide their fate.

However the government should first instruct the state governments to urgently release them on bail. Then and then only the accused will be able to seek legal aid in their defense.

It is also quite necessary that the government examine the amendments made to UAPA which give arbitrary powers to the police and make necessary changes in the law to punish delinquent police personnel who misuse the provisions.

In another resolution the national executive council , condoled the death of Dr MS Jayaprakash of Kerala.As an historian and rights activist Dr Jayaprakash had tried to reshape the historiography of the state which still remain an exclusive domain of casteist or crypto communal historians. He valiantly fought for the rights of he subaltern classes including Muslims and dalits and has proved that great academics are also great social activists.

K M Shareef the chairman of the Popular Front of India presided over the meeting .OMA Salam presented the activity report.

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