The brutal assault by lawyers in Faizabad is an insult on Indian judiciary system

Press Release May 22, 2013
Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
New Delhi: The Popular Front of India condemned in no uncertain terms the brutal assault on advocate Mohammad Saleem by the other lawyers in the Faizabad court compound on Tuesday and said that it is an insult to the Indian judiciary system and a black dot on the secular values of our country.

Besides physically attacking the lawyer they vandalized the offices of advocates Jamal, Saleem, Nadeem and Saliul Rahman. These are the brutal acts of cowardice.

It is very surprising that the local bar association passed a resolution against Advocate Jamal and his colleagues who participated in a protest on Monday demanding justice in the Khalid Mujahid death case. These acts of wanton violence show the bias and prejudice of the lawyers who are supposed to fight for the rights of the people.

While strongly deploring such ghastly incidents, Popular Front of India urged the state and central governments to take stern action against those lawyers involved in taking laws in to their hands. It also called up on the authorities to book the culprits and ensure security of the lawyers like Randhir Sing Suman, Jamal, Saleem, Nadeem and Saliul Rahman .

Popular Front of India draw the attention of UP government that the mysterious death of terror accused Khalid Mujahid in police custody indicates that he was tortured to death. The relatives of Khalid saw the body before postmortem and saw the face was blackened and the neck swollen as if someone had tried to strangle him. There are also indications of his being attacked with a hard object. The postmortem report mentions that the body had black lips, black nails and bleeding from the ears which could be indications of poisoning or strangulation.

Hence, Popular Front of India strongly urges the UP state government to handover the case to CBI for the investigation.

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