‘People eventually recognize us by our work, not rumours’

The article “PFI-SDPI: BJP’s friend, Congress’ foe in polls” is a planned and concentrated effort to belittle the efforts of Popular Front of India (PFI) to empower the marginalized section. The article begins with calling Popular Front a “communal organization” but fails to explain the reason. Communalism finds its parental roots in Fascism, and both are nothing but a disease which teaches one community to hate another. A person or an organization can be called communal when its policies, ideologies or actions are a direct threat towards another community. It is a known fact that the RSS and its Sangh Parivar affiliates openly propagate hatred towards the Muslims and Christians in words, spirit and in action too. But we would like to make it clear that Popular Front has never worked or spoken against any community. We have always opposed communal forces and by no twist of logic does opposing a communal force end up labeling us as one!

Secondly, it has been a very common swan song of the so-called secular parties to play with the emotions of the Muslim community, in particular. Since the late eighties, the Congress and other regional parties have reduced Muslims into a mere vote bank and never encouraged or allowed the Muslims to form their own political platform. This is once again proved more fiercely in the fact that the number of Muslim MLA’s increased by only two seats in the 14th Karnataka Assembly elections, where the mathematically acceptable number by proportionate representation of population should be 34.

The weapon used to achieve this so far was to instill and increase the fear of BJP in the hearts of the common Muslim. Now that an alternate like Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is gradually establishing itself, they have resorted to such rumour mongering to isolate PFI and SDPI from the Muslim community.

In recent times during the Karnataka election when Muslims along with other marginalized sections began to form political alternates and alliances with SDPI, Praja Pragathi Ranga and BSP, these phony secularist again jumped in to the wagon and played the BJP card but this time trying a totally new experiment labeling Popular Front and SDPI as friends of BJP! Academically it is very interesting to understand this new strategy.

Thirdly, these secular parties instead of controlling the nefarious plans of the fascist forces during their rule always allowed them to flourish, fully confident that the result of this would convert into votes for them. Proof is the recent raid on RSS leaders from Dakshina Kannada who Popular Front of India has been screaming against for many years! Popular Front of India finds its victory in the fact that more than 2 lakh fascist votes who brought BJP to power in 2008 have thrown in out of power in 2013. This was by 10 years of painstaking whistle blowing by cadres of Popular Front of India in DK district.

We are extremely delighted to see the political maturity that has overnight developed in the Muslim community, and the strong anti-Manuwadi feeling that has surfaced among the elite Hindus, the backward classes and the Dalits who have decimated Sangh politics by a united and popular verdict of the masses in Karnataka.

While congratulating the people of Karnataka, we urge them to continue to be alert to the perverse plans of fascist and so-called secular parties alike, and to prevent them from succeeding in it. It is time that the marginalized sections of society to rise for themselves and demand a life of dignity and social equality.

As far as Popular Front of India is concerned we have embedded ourselves in the hearts of people by our work and sincerity. We will continue to strive with our programs – ‘School Chalo’ being the next national level campaign to be undertaken in May-June 2013. Anybody who has been touched by our services will never heed to such rumours and imaginative theories. People will recognize us by our work eventually!

Abdul Wahid Sait

Karnataka State President

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