Memorandum Submitted to Home Minister demanding suspension of reckless Hyderabad city police officials


The Honourable Smt. Sabitha Indra Reddy,
Ministry of Home Affairs,
Andhra Pradesh.

Sub: Memorandum submitted through Kurnool/Adoni/Nandyal District Collector/R.D.O/M.R.O -Regards – reckless behaviour of Hyderabad city police-Police discrimination towards minority leaders- Police annoyance to Mass Movements and civil societies- Demands -enquiry – suspension of Officers.

Respected Madam,
Popular Front of India is a National-wide neo-social movement working for the empowerment of Minorities and Dalits. Popular Front is a prestigious organisation, which is always in the forefront in struggling for people’s rights and has conducted many programs and protests against injustice, inequalities, discriminations in the state and in the society at large.
We submit that yesterday i.e. on 01-05-2013, Our state president Mufti Abdus Subhan sab, National Secretary Md. Ali Jinnah All India Imams Council(AIIC) state president Mlv. Rasheed Rashadee and AIIC state General Secretary Mlv. Rafeeq Ahmed were having a informal casual meeting in DM Residency in Nampally Area, Hyderabad as our president Abdus subhan sab will be going to Umrah on 6th May, meet to discuss in general .
At Around 3:00 PM, Police officials from Nampally Station came to the hotel in the name of general checking, for which we have co-ordinated with the officials by providing our details and purpose of staying in Hotel, and our responsibilities in different movements. But, the police officials, especially Nampally PS SHO Sridhar continuously annoyed our Leaders with their cold-blooded behaviour. On arguing about the rights and questioning his behaviour towards Minority leaders, we got obnoxious response.
After exasperating for about 3 hours in the Hotel in a dramatical way, at around 6:00 pm, our leaders were taken into custody and were took to the Nampally police station, where the officials, especially central Zone DCP Kamalsan Reddy continue to bother our leaders even though we inform them about our travelling schedules. The police officials in an indecisive behaviour made our leaders to miss their Trains/Flights which marred the image of city police in other states as well. After a great effort from our members and advocates the police officials finally released our leaders with a namesake apology for the inconvenience at around 12’0 clock at Night.
Because of this reckless behaviour of City police, our National secretary as well as our state president were forced to miss their trains. This type of uncouth manner with the National and state leaders of a minority community and mass movement and civil society members is very dangerous our country’s Interest.

At the time, When the Police torture and harassment towards Minority community, Dalits and Adivasis are at high in the state as well as in country and Human rights violations became a common thing for the police machinery. Mass movements and civil societies are always in the forefront in the interest of general public and for the control of human rights violations and misuse of power,
This highhandedness of city police toward leaders of mass movements and minority community indicates the position of common man and how the police are dealing the general public. This is unanimously the reason why common man do fear even to complain discrimination or offences against him. This nature of police is not good in the interest of the society. The detention is clear conspiracy to suppress the movement and a clear discrimination towards minority community. We can observe the same nature of police machinery in all human right violations against mass movements and civil societies in the state. The police is clearly aiming to suppress the civil society and mass movements by means of illegal detentions and fake cases on movement leaders to make ours a police state rather than a peoples state.

We Demand to fulfil the following:
1. We demand Immediately Suspend Nampally police state SHO Sridar and Hyderabad Central Zone DCP Kamalsen Reddy.
2. We demand to do conduct an enquire behind the conspiracy to detain our leaders.
3. We request the State government to take strict actions against police officials who involved in these type of similar cases in suppressing the mass movements and civil societies.
4. We demand the State government to initiate programs to train police officials on how to interect with public and leaders of the movements.
We hope that the Honourable Home minister and the state government will take immediate action in the interest of the society.
CC To:
1. State Human Rights Commission ,AP.
2. Honourable Chief Minister, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, AP,
3. Honourable Governor E.S.L. Narsimhan, AP

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