Popular front strongly condemns the trend of arresting muslims for blast cases

Chennai: State Secretariat of Popular Front of India discussed various burning issues of Tamilnadu and adopted following two important resolutions.
On Marakkanam issue, Popular front of India strongly condemn the violence, arsenal and looting and urge the government to take stringent legal action against the perpetrators of the riots. Riots between two communities occurred when Pattali Makkal Katchi was organising a state conference entitled “Siththirai Thiruvizha” near Marakkanam village. In which many huts were set ablaze, Masjids and commercial establishments of muslims were also destroyed. Popular front of India strongly condemns this incident and requests the government to deliver adequate compensation for the victims immediately.

Regarding the blast near BJP office at Bangalore, Popular Front Tamilnadu state chapter, while condemning the incident, urges the government to find and punish the real culprits.In Bangalore blast case Popular Front condemns the arrest of 3 innocent muslim including Kichan Buhari of Tamilnadu. It also strongly condemns the trend of arresting innocent muslim youths whenever a blast occurs elsewhere in the country.

Popular front’s state secretariat meet held on April 29,2013 at Chennai. State President A.S.Ismail presided over the meet.

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