Popular Front of India smells conspiracy behind Kerala arrests

Press Release New Delhi 25 April 2013
Friday, April 26th, 2013

New Delhi: Popular Front of India smells conspiracy behind the arrest of Popular Front workers engaged in physical fitness exercises in Kannur, Kerala ,as a part of its annual Healthy People,Healthy Nation campaign. In a statement, O M A Salam,the Gen Secretary of the organization said that the police had put the draconian provisions of much maligned UAPA on those arrested which is clear sign of the police bias against Muslim youths.

The district of Kannur is notorious for physical violence, arms training and bomb making in which mostly CPM and RSS cadres are actively involved. Whenever police raid CPM or RSS training camps they book them under normal laws .In this case there strong suspicion that a section of the police is working not only to harass but also to cook evidence against the organization. It is also a question of great concern that when the whole country is agitated over the use of UAPA to suppress legitimate democratic dissent the Kerala Police is using the Act to put the innocents behind bars for long period.

The Popular Front strongly condemns such victimization and propaganda

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