Empower India Press Released book on Decline of Communism in India at Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi based publishing house Empower India Press (EIP) released their recently published book “Left to Right -Decline of Communism in India” by T G Jacob in a book release funtion organised at the India Islamic Cultural Center in New Delhi on 14th April 2014 .
The event was presided by Mohamed Ismail Managing Director of EIP and Editor of Tamil Magazine Vidiyal Velli. While addressing the gathering Ismail explained the contribution of Empower India Press.

The book was released by Novelist and Professor Isthiyaq Dhanish and while addressing he said that “this book is good so far on the reality of Communism in India. The Communism has failed in India as it cadres have tried to import the mode of operation from Russia and China, instead of transforming themselves as per the environment in India. But none can deny that Communism was the biggest revolution till date for past 1000 years”.

Asfar Faridy Associate Editor India Next Hindi Magazine said that ” Communism, an ideology which propagate for the poor, is a need one and India was a fertile land but it failed here because, once the Communism obtained power politically and got elected it becomes the part parcel of the politics which exploits the have not”.

Advocate Mohammed Yusuf, NCHRO National Secretary stresses on the auditing of Intelligence agencies in India as recently it was reported in India today a certain RAW officer has amassed property of more the 100 crores. Intelligence which is meant to save our Country from any terrorist or radical attack, have been regularly failing”.

The attendants of the event requested to publish the book translated in Urdu.

Earlier, In Kolkata The book was introduced by Jainul Abideen,Editor Rang Dhonu Fortnightly in similar function held at hotel Park Inn, Kolkata.

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