Popular Front strongly condemns the killing of Muslim citizens of Myanmar

Calicut: The National Executive Council of Popular Front of India held on 27th March 2013 at Calicut Kerala has strongly condemned the brutal massacre of Muslim citizens of Myanmar. The genocide of Muslim citizens in Arakan has continued uninterrupted since last June and has now spread to other areas. The victims are in a helpless condition as they are not receiving any help from the international community. The NEC of Popular Front strongly condemns the failure of the Myanmar Government to stop the violence and protect the lives of her own citizens.

It is indeed a shameful fact that the international community is behaving like a mute spectator. Neither the United Nations nor the major powers of the world have come forward to stop the genocide. Even the Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar has disappointed the world by her silence. It is also very unfortunate that the Indian government has not yet intervened in this issue. The world largest democracy cannot stay silent when such brutal violations of human rights are occurring in our neighboring country.

The NEC of Popular Front demands the UPA government to initiate diplomatic intervention in the issue to ensure protection of the Muslims of Myanmar. We also urge the government to take up the issue to the UNHCR and propose strong resolution against the Myanmar Government. And we also demand immediate deployment of UN peace keeping force in the area. We also urge the Indian government and the international organizations to take immediate steps to provide humanitarian aid and rehabilitation for the victims

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