Arrest Hindutwa leader for treason: Popular Front

Press Release Date: 1-April-2013
Monday, April 1st, 2013
New Delhi: Popular Front of India strongly condemned the irresponsible and ridiculous statement of Praveen Togadia,the leader of VHP, that they are planning to announce Gujarat as a Hindu Rashtra in 2015 and arrest him for treason. OMA Salam, the General Secretary of t he organization said that such outbursts from an organization or an Individual are anti-national and against the constitution of the country.

The Sangh Parivar has been known to insult the constitution and the secular values frequently and this comment is again a proof of the nefarious plans of the communal forces to polarize the country on religious lines. It is unfortunate that the government at the centre which claims to be secular is unable to control the outfits spreading venom throughout country. Such inaction works like a shot in the arm for them.

We demand that UPA government take strict action against Praveen Togadia for promoting anti-national and divisive feelings in the society.

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