First repeal the repressive laws

New Delhi: While welcoming the proposal to establish special courts for expediting trial of Muslim youths charged under the terror laws, Popular Front of India expressed doubt if special courts alone would give relief to the hundreds of innocents wasting their lives in Jails.

There are currently more than 50,000 Muslims under-trials in the country and if the history of the special courts is an indication it will take years to acquit or punish the accused. The main problem is the mindset of the police and intelligence agencies that portray Muslims as terrorists with the help of a plaint and jingoist media.

The recent bomb blasts in Hyderabad and spat between Jammu and Kashmir police and Delhi Police Special Cell over the arrest of former Kashmir militant clearly show that the investigation agencies are interested only in demonizing picking up Muslims.

The basic reason is the extraordinary powers given to the police and security agencies through repressive provisions of security laws. They act with impunity because of the arbitrary protection provided to them by the state.

So if the UAPA government is really interested in rendering justice to the innocents it should take steps to release them on bail and repeal the repressive laws.

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