Manipur School Chalo campaign 2013

Manipur: Popular Front of India had conducted Free School Kits distribution programme today on March 5,2013 as a part of the organizations nationwide SchoolChalo campaign held at Kakching Keirak Muslim Ground at 2:00pm.

Around 110 people participated in this function. Mv. Siraj Ahamed (Asst. Teacher Kairak Primary School), Mohamed Abdul Gani (Social worker),Th. Sanatomba pradhan, Maniruddin member, Haji Jamaruddin Retired. Head Master, Mv. Mahamed and Mufti Arshad Hussain Vice President Popular Front of India Manipur state were among the participants.

While addressing the keynote address, he said Popular Front of India organizes similar School kits distribution program this year in many places throughout the state, including Sora, Paobitek, Bora Yangbi, kokta, Irong, Maibam, Fundrei, and Khongbal today at this Kkching Keirak Muslim Ground.

After Sachar Committee reported that “Muslim community is educationally most backward community than the tribals”, Popular front of India takes it very seriously, swiftly swung into action and formulates educational awareness campaigns and projects at national level under the caption “School Chalo”.

It was decided in National executive council of Popular Front of India to help the student community from financially poor families including orphans and school dropouts throughout the nation.

As a part of this National campaign, Manipur state unit also actively participated and distributed free kits to hundreds of students to encourage them. Today free school kits were distributed to 40 poor students, which was identified by the survey report of School Chalo campaign conducted by the Popular front of India, Manipur state unit.

Finally he appealed to the parents and guardians to send their children to school and take education very seriously for the future of Muslim society as a whole.

Mufti Arshad Hussain Quasmi cordially requested to cooperate with educational initiatives of Popular front of India in order to make a progress in developing the marginalize society especially Manipuri Muslim. Due to the financial shortage in our organization, We could distribute freebees only to a selectively very few poor family, orphan, and school dropouts after proper surveying.

He emphasized the importance of education in religious perspective and urged to give due importance.Mohamed Haji Mohamed Convenor of Popular Front of India, Manipur State informed the media.

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