Abolish death penalty; control price hike of essentials

New Delhi: The National Executive Council (NEC) of Popular Front of India held at the organization’s HQ on 2, 3 March 2013 supported nationwide campaign for the abolition of death penalty.

Under the current socio-political and economic circumstances capital punishment is awarded to the poor and the defenseless and the governments are using it as instrument to subdue dissidents and political opponents .

The NEC has pointed out more than a hundred countries have abolished or declared moratorium on capital punishment. The NEC called up on the Central Government to remove capital punishment from the statute books.

The NEC also urged the government to take strong steps regarding the human rights violations committed by the Sri Lankan forces against the Tamil population. The murder of the minor son of Vellupillai Prabhakaran by the Sri Lankan armed forces is indeed a shameful act. Being the most influential country in South Asia India should take necessary steps for the arrest and trial of the Sri Lankan war criminals at the International Criminal Court.

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NEC also expressed deep anguish at the anti-people policies being continued by the Central Government which would certainly hamper its chances in the coming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. The sectarian political formations striving hard to come back to power would exploit the rising anger of the people in the absence of any alternative secular options.

The Govt has failed to control inflation and resultant price hike in the basic essentials. The government must immediately act to curb price hike.

The NEC also decided to enlarge the scope of the School Chalo campaign during the coming academic year. Over the years School Chalo has turned out to be one of the most popular campaigns conducted by the organization. Along with programmes like Sarva Siksha Grams, School kit distribution and scholarship more innovative programmes will be included this year.

The meeting was presided by the Chairman of Popular Front, K.M. Shareef. P. Koya, O.M.A.Salam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Elyas Mohammed, Mohammed Shahabudheen, E. M. Abdurahman, Abdul Wahid Sait (State President, Karnataka), A.S. Ismail (State President, Tamilnadu) also present.

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