West Bengal School Chalo Campaign : 2857 Free school kits distributed

Kolkata: Popular Front of India had organized school Chalo program at west Bengal state on the evening of 24th February of 2013. On this day popular Front of India local chapters conducted various programs under school Chalo Campaign in different places of the state and distributed 2857 Free school kits to the needy and poor minority children.

During the school Chalo campaign Popular front local units organized several educational awareness programs. More than three thousands students attended in the program like educational awareness rally and cultural session.

In that education awareness rally students hold placards depicting the importance of education.

Popular front of India used to conduct similar educational awareness campaigns every year across the nation at the beginning of every academic year to ensure all boys and girls to continue formal education.

School Chalo campaign includes Educational guidance classes for students and parents counselling classes. During the campaign Popular Front volunteers will survey the households to identify drop-outs from schools and will help the parents to readmit their children.

Popular Front units will distribute school books and uniforms at free of cost and will also adopt poor students for the continuation of their studies.

Near about 5000 Children and their parents attended the program held on the evening of the 24th February School Chalo program.

Similar Programs held at 13 different villages namely Pulinda, Kapilpur ,Nabagram,Kulgachi Bordhuala, Dhuliyan High Madrasa, Sankarpur, Alampur, Rampura,Raipur,Govindur, Sahajadpur, Khidirpur, and Howrah

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