Manipur celebrated Popular Front day

Imphal : Popular Front of India’s foundation day was celebrated by Manipur State Popular Front on February 17,2013 at Irong Salam Achouba Madrasa Ground, Irong Chesaba. Popular Front of India, a neo social mass movement had emerged into an unified nation building force on this day by a merger declaration of like minded regional organisations from different states.

Speaking at the function, Md Khalid Rashad, President of the Manipur State Popular Front of India said that the Front has been working for the weaker and backward community of the country.

He further said that though the country prides itself as one of the biggest democratic country in the world, but after getting independence, the government is neglecting the minority community for the past 63 years in many ways in terms of development, the right to live and education he said.

“Due to the enforcement of black laws in some state of the country, many minority civilians have been killed in the name of insurgency and also due to the colonial police system,” he said while adding that the low number of elected persons in the parliament representing the minority community have led to their voices being unheard.

Speaking at the function, Ramijudin Azaz Advocate Guwahati High Court said that from a survey undertaken by volunteers of the Popular Front of India, it has come to light that the Muslim community is backward in every part of the country in every section. “The time has come for them not to wait for others for bringing development and equality but to stand by itself to get their due rights from the government which has been neglected by the government for many years,” he said.

The anniversary day function was attended by representatives of Popular Front and delegates from various social and political Activists.Local general public at large including Prominent personalities had also participated extended their support for the cause and graced the occasion.

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