Popular Front of India condemns Shinde apology

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

New Delhi: The Popular Front of India has strongly condemned the apology tendered by Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde ,the Central Home Minister to BJP for the observations he had made at the Chintan Shibir session of the Indian National Congress held in Jaipur. It may be true that the Home Minister should have used a more appropriate term to name the people behind murderous bomb blasts from Malgaon to Samjhauta Express But no mincing of words would help cover up the Hindutwa hands behind the dastardly crimes in which dozens of innocents have been killed or seriously wounded.

The National Investigation Agency has documented convincing evidence against the Sangh Parivar activists and exposed the network operated by people inspired by the RSS philosophy. It is quite unfortunate that the UPA government and its top leaders meekly surrender to the pressure tactics of the Sangh Parivar at the drop of a hat. Such somersaults only create confusion about the avowed secular credentials of the Indian National Congress. It also dampens the enthusiasm of investigation officers determined to bring to book and punish the criminals behind such political crimes.

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