Popular Front is a good platform for all oppressed sections to raise their voice: K.M.Shareef

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
Bantwal: “This is the first time Popular Front Day is being celebrated in the country. This will be continued in the future on Feb 17th of every year. It was the day when Popular Front of India was formed in 2007 at Tippu Sulthan Ground in Bangalore with three likeminded organizations from Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka – NDF, MNP and KFD came under one roof. The celebration of Popular Front Day is not only limited for its cadres. This day is for all who are marginalized in the country including daliths, Adivasis and Minorities”, said K.M.Shareef, chairman of Popular Front of India, who was speaking at Popular Front Day program held by Dakshin Kannada district committee of the organization, at Kaikamba, B.C.Road.

He said, “We can note that our system is so worst that many movements in the country have been suppressed by various governments or bought by different political parties. It is not only Muslims who have problems in the country. Different sections like daliths, adivasis, women and laborers are facing various problems. But they do not have a right platform to raise their concern or do not have good leadership which can lead them to success. Popular Front is a good platform for all these sections to raise their voice.”
“Today’s unity march conveys the message that Together for People’s Right. Popular Front of India is committed for this cause. Popular Front not only opposes anti people policy and anti people elements. It has pledged to come into the street when it is needed”, he added. Earlier a Unity March was organized from Tippu Sulthan Ground, Gudinabali to Shahid Iqbal Dais, Kaikamba, B.C.Road. Hundreds of people joined the march.

Karnataka vice president of Popular Front Abdul Razaq Kemmara presided over the program. Sharif Bajpe, secretary of Karnataka delivered introductory and welcome speech.

Assayyed Alhadi Anas Thangal, Imam of Koila Masjid, Abdul Lathif, vice president of SDPI Karnataka, Abdul Jalil K, district president of SDPI, Jafar Sadiq Faizy, district committee member of Imams Council, Shahul Hameed S.P, Bantwal constituency president of SDPI, Athaullah Jokatte, district president, Popular Front, Mangalore, Shahul Hameed S.H, president, Bantwal, Nisar, district president, Udupi, Imran Thumbe, district president, Campus Front, D.K were present at the program.

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