The first Popular Front day turns out to be a grand success

17th February: The first Popular Front Day celebration was a grand success all over the country. Popular Front of India’s flag could be seen waving from south to north and east to west. This was the first time this day was celebrated and the response by the masses was overwhelming. This programme saw the masses coming up to join hands with Popular Front members and taking creative initiatives to celebrate this day. As a common programme throughout the nation the day started with hoisting of the Popular Front tri-color at every unit level of the organization.

The Popular Front day was celebrated through different programmes in different states In Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka the cadres of Popular Front and the masses took part in the Unity March. The Unity March was led by the uniformed troop parade by Popular Front Cadres with thousands of people rallying behind chanting slogans. In other states like Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan there were massive rallies conducted in major cities. Bike rallies were organized in district levels in various states. Mammoth Public meetings were organized to convey the objective of celebrating this day. The website of Popular Front telecasted the Popular Front Day message by The Chairman of Popular Front, K.M Shareef.

As the theme of Popular Front day is “Together for People’s Rights” so the Popular Front day is actually a commitment and determination made for the cause of empowering the marginalized sections of the society. Our true celebration lies in our efforts for defeating the anti-people forces and their policies. The thousands of people who participated in this celebration across the nation showed their support to this cause and displayed their courage to be part of this struggle. This commitment by the masses encourages us to march forward for the empowerment of the marginalized and oppressed sections of the society.

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