Popular Front Day’ grandly celebrated in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad (17-02-2013): Popular Front Day was grandly celebrated today in Andhra Pradesh. Flag hoisting was done in all over the state between 9:00 & 10:00 a.m. State President Shaik Abdus Subhan has hoisted the flag in Azad centre, Nellore while State General Secretary Mohammed Arif Ahmed has attended the program in Hyderabad. Huge rallies with the name ‘Unity March’ were organized in Kurnool, Nandyal & Adoni of Kurnool district. Various human service activities were done in different places of the state, such as Fruit distribution to the poor patients, Blood donation, food distribution to the poor etc., Heavy mass support was observed in all these programs of the ‘Popular Front Day’ celebrations.

Today the 17th February is the day when three like minded state level organizations were merged to form Popular Front of India with the caption ‘Naya Caravan – Naya Hindustan’. The Popular Front Day celebrations have boosted the commitment of the cadres of this organization to work for the empowerment of the minorities and other down trodden communities of this nation and to build a new India of equal rights for all.

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