Popular Front Deplores the Hanging of Afzal Guru

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

New Delhi: The Popular Front of India strongly deplores the execution of one of the accused in the Parliament attack case. It is quite regrettable while many countries are removing capital punishment from their statutory. India is going ahead with hanging perhaps our country may be one of the very few democracies which still standby death sentence.

In the case of Afzal Guru many legal experts and human right activists and public intellectual have questioned prosecution case against him. The police investigations have been biased with many loop holes and defects and the government could not provide strong legal defense to the accused.

Then the Supreme Court confirming the death sentence the judges pointed out the defect in the investigation and went head with the decision of lower court to satisfy the ‘conscious of the nation’. The hanging of Afzal Guru would certainly eliminate the Kashimiri people as the hanging of Maqbool Bhat are done in the past. Had the Indian government commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment it would have given a strong message of peace and reconciliation to the Kashimiris.

The fascist forces had always tried to add an emotional angle to this case to influence the judgment. Even the judgment given by the honorable Supreme Court was to satisfy the collective conscience of the society. Finally it is evident that the government has bowed down to the hindutva forces.

The government is also trying to woo the pro-hindutva votes by such actions. This act by the government has raises a serious question mark to the secular claims of the UPA government

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