Education is the best way to empower community- Popular Front of India

New Delhi: As a part of empowering the community through education, Popular Front of India distributed scholarships to the needy students at Ghalib Academy, Delhi today 2 February.

Program was presided by Moulana Zafarullah of Rehab India Foundation. Apart from him National Secretary Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan, Dr Taslim Rehmani of Muslim Political Council of India, National President Campus Front of India Anis-uz-zaman, National Secretary All India Imams Council Maulana Shahul Hameed Baqvi, Anjum Zamarruda Habeeb of Muslim Khuwateen Markaz, Popular Front of India Delhi State Secretary with other leaders of the state also attended the program.

Scholarship cheques were given to the student by Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan (SDPI) and other honorable guests.

Moulana Zafarullah Qasmi said in his presidential speech that “Education is must to make a good human being, Education teaches what is good and what is bad, to gain knowledge in every field of education and this is the meaning of Quran’s first word Iqra”.

Dr Taslim Rehmani said that “the present system of education is in the hand of capitalists, economic powers have captured education system, we have to work hard to change it. When good education is given to the girls then only we may think about good and educated family, if girls are not educated the whole family is suffered, these words are said by Anjum Zamarruda Habeeb.

Maulana Talha told Popular Front organize “school chalo” every year all over India, we also do survey. Last year 1 lakh school kits were distributed and hundreds of scholarships were distributed and more than 2 crore rupees were spent for this cause. This scholarship distribution program is a part of this national program.

Maulana Ashfaq said that by empowering the community in the field of education we may think about empowering the community.

Anis-uz-zaman said that today big power of the world using education to capture the whole world by using their super knowledge. We have to fight back using education as a tool.

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