Karnataka: Popular Front of India Welcomes the Home Minister’s Exposure of Hindutwa Terror

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
New Delhi. Popular Front of India welcomed the exposure of Hindutwa terrorist activities by Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister at the Jaipur session of India National Congress. In a statement, K M Shareef, the Chairman of the Front said that for many years now many discerning political leaders, intellectuals and rights activists have been telling the nation that the bomb blasts, political assassinations and communal riots have been the handiwork of Hindutwa terror organizations sponsored by RSS.

But the government either out of fear of the political backlash or with the objective of playing the soft Hindutwa card have been turning a deaf ear to the developments which have torn asunder the social fabric of the nation. RSS with the help of compliant national media and the high officials in the police and intelligence agencies have blamed the Muslims for bomb blasts and have been merrily picking up innocent Muslim youths and torturing then into confession and putting them behind bars.

Many draconian security laws have been passed based on these anti-national crimes. The NIA has attributed more than a dozen bomb blasts and murders to Hindutwa organizations including the bomb blasts on Samjautha Express and Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad.

But the Popular Front of India also feels that the Home Minister should come forward with concrete proposals to dismantle the Hindutwa terror network through unbiased and effective police work and application of penal laws. The government should also admit that it has victimized the Muslim youths on the basis of false intelligence reports and take immediate steps to release them forthwith on bail.

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