Popular Front Day to be observed on February 17

The National Executive Council of Popular Front of India has declared February 17 as Popular Front Day. It was on this date that Popular Front of India was dedicated to the people of India as a national organisation in the historic Empower India Conference held at Bangalore in 2007. The new national organisation Popular Front was formed by merging three state organisations that were working in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Popular Front members and well wishers all over the country will celebrate this foundation day as Popular Front Day with various programmes on February 17, 2013. This practice will be followed on the same day in the succeeding years also.

On Popular Front Day, Flag hoisting will be held at unit level everywhere. Each district committee will organise a rally named as Unity March, followed by a public meeting.

The past 5 years since the launching of the organisation at the national level, witnessed its entry in to most of the states in west, north and north-east of India. The membership and number of units also have shown tremendous increase. Popular Front headquarters was shifted from Bangalore to New Delhi. The Social Justice Conference held at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi in November 2011 was a epoch making event in the path people’s struggles for social justice and it has accelerated the expansion of the organisation in North India. Along with instilling hope and confidence among the downtrodden masses, Popular Front has brought to the forefront through various campaigns, issues like menace of communal fascism, gaining political empowerment of marginalised classes, providing reservation in education and employment, stopping atrocities against dalits, tribals and minorities, repealing black laws, ending illegal detentions, reconstruction of Babri Masjid etc. A wide network of many thousands of committed cadres engaged in people’s struggles and community development activities at grass roots is the unique contribution of the Popular Front to the nation.

In this year Popular Frond Day will highlight the theme “Together for People’s Rights” through pamphlets, posters and public addresses. The neo-liberal economic policies being adopted by the government and the intervention of neo-colonial powers in our internal affairs have put in peril the basic needs and fundamental rights of Indian citizens. In spite of claims of development boom, people are largely denied free access even to drinking water and they are left to the mercy of corporate profit mongers for basic needs like food, fuel, cloth and shelter. The government machineries become more arrogant and law enforcement agencies turn law breakers with support of enormous powers vested upon them. A few welfare schemes chalked out by the government for weaker sections are prevented from reaching real beneficiaries by middlemen who happened to be politicians representing mainstream parties. This grave situation warrants a national movement for restoration of people’s rights and a broad based alliance of people’s movements that are engaged in democratic resistance. The National Executive Council of Popular Front has called upon its members, associates, well wishers and public to convey this message of united action for people’s rights on the occasion of Popular Front Day.

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