Karnataka: Wahid Sait elected as state president and Abdul Khadar Puttur as general secretary

Mangalore: The state general assembly of Popular Front of India, Karnataka was held at Puttur on 11-13 of January 2013.

The following members for the state executive council were elected for the term 2013-2014.

Office Bearers:

Abdul Wahid Sait – state president

Abdul Razaq Kemmara – Vice president

Abdul Khadar Puttur – State general secretary

Nasir Pasha – Secretary

Sharif Bajpe – Secretary

Advocate Abubakkar – Treasurer


1. Riyaz Pasha

2. Yasir Hasan

3. Muhammad Sharif

4. Muhammad Shameer

5. Aslam Hasan

6. Abubakkar Mulky

7. Muhammad Valaur

8. Moulana Kalimullah Khan

9. M.F.Kaleem

10. Shahid Nasir Gulbarga

11. Faruqurrahman Mysore

The state general assembly has discussed on various issues pertaining to the state and national. The following resolutions were passed in the SGA.

1. State BJP government is trying to implement ban on cow slaughter through ‘Karnataka Cow Slaughter Revised Act – 2010’. This Bill neither discussed in the assembly nor passed. The opposition parties which are claimed themselves as secular parties never tried to oppose the bill even in earlier times. Which shows their pseudo secularism. The government, instead of making policies and plans to improve the cattle breed, fodder etc, it is curbing the rights of farmers and the people. It is objecting the rights of food of the people. Hence the bill is against the constitution and against the people’s welfare. The state general assembly urged the state government to withdraw the bill immediately.

2. The recent incident of rape at Delhi is very tragic and perturbing. There are number of incidents of rape reporting throughout the country. The recent report says that the rape takes place in every 34 minutes in the country. The state general assembly urges the central government to express its will power to implement the laws to curbing such incidents. Also the government has to conduct strict investigation on the incident of rape by the Army men, police and officers and should give stringent punishment to the culprits.

3. Karnataka state government has decided to close government schools on the pretexts of student scarcity in the schools. The general assembly urgest state government to increase quality of government schools so that students can be attracted towards it. Karnataka BJP government is busy with saffronizing government schools. The government which earlier had tried to implement a plan to teach Bhagavadgeeta in schools has now saffronizing text books of 5th and 8th standards. The assembly urges government to retreat those text books which instincts bias and religious sentiments among students.

4. . Central government should immediately implement Ranganath Mishra Report which recommended 10% reservation for Muslim Community, which is backward in Social, Economical, Educational and Political fields. the government should also bring reservation in private sector for backward communities.

5. In across the country large numbers of innocent youths are behind bars as under trial prisoners.The central government has not expressing any concern towards the matter even though protests are on throughout the nation against the same. Including Abdul Nasir Maadani who was released in Koimbattore balst after spending 9 years as under trail prisoner, large numbers of innocent youths were framed under false charges in Karnataka. The government is curbing Muslim students and youths by labelling them as suspected terrorists. The government should immediately release under trail prisoners and should release compensation for innocents. And also the general assembly urged to take stringent action against those officers who framed innocents in false charges.

6. The present administration in Karnataka totally inactive and development works have been stopped in the state. The ruling BJP government is unstable with inner fights in the party and it is trying to remain in the power even though it do not have majority in the house. The state general assembly demands state government to dissolve itself or central government should remove state government from the power.

7. Karnataka has credit of first state in the nation to appoint Lokayukta. The Lokayukta has revealed various scams and scandals of government, ministers and MLAs. Because of that Karnataka Lokayukta was news in national level. However it is condemnable that Karnataka state government has not appointed new Lokayukta after retirement of Santhosh Hegde. The state general assembly demands government to appoint Lokayukta immediately.

8. Karnataka state government has revealed that crores wakf properties have been misused by several persons. The governments should initiate an enquiry into the matter and should take back all encroached Wakf properties to the state wakf board.

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