Popular Front’s State General Assembly elected new State Leaders for next term

Popular Front of India Andhra Pradesh State General Assembly was held in K.B.N Function Hall in Adoni on 12 & 13th January’ 2013. The meeting started with the introductory remarks of Mufti Abdus Subhan. State’s Annual report was presented by Mr. D.S.Habibullah. Popular Front of India Chairman Mr. K.M.Shareef & NEC Member Mr. Hamid Mohammed has attended the General Assembly as observers. The General Assembly has elected new State Executive Council for Andhra Pradesh State was elected. Later the newly formed SEC has elected the new state functionaries:

Newly elected State President : Shaik Abdus Subhan

Vice President : D. Syed Habibullah

General Secretary : Mohammed Arif Ahmed

Secretary : Syed Nazeer Shaheen

Treasurer : Mohammed Abdul Ahad

Other State Executive Council Members:

Newly elected State Functionary
Newly elected State Functionary

Mohammed Abdullah Khan

Syed Abdul Qadir

M. Abdul Rasheed

Shaik Hassan

Syed Abdul Lateef

Mohammed Irfan

The General Assembly has discussed various current issues sand passed the following resolutions:

1. We demand the government to immediately implement the recommendations of Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission & give reservation to Muslims in Education & Employment. We also demand the A.P government to pass the resolution in State Legislative Assembly regarding the 4% Reservation being given to Muslims.

2. Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) & other black laws are a threat to Indian democracy. The SGA whole heartedly joins the voice against UAPA and demands the government to repeal UAPA & other repressive laws in the centre & state.

3. We demand the government to rebuild Babri Masjid Masjid on the same sight, as per the promise given by the then Prime Minister Mr. P.V. Narasimha Rao. Justice for Babri Masjid will strengthen people’s faith on the constitution. We also demand to punish the culprits of Babri Masjid demolition, as mentioned in the Justice Liberhan Commission Report.

4. Bail is the Rule & Jail is the exception as per our constitution. But we have seen many instances where youth are imprisoned in false cases for years, denied bails & later released as innocents. The SGA demands the central & state government to take immediate step to release the under trials on bail and enact laws to give compensation to those acquitted for the years they have spent in jails.

5. The SGA demands the central & state government to safe guard the Wakf Properties and stop illegal acquisition of wakf properties by land mafias & corporate sector. The SGA also demands to form Commissionerate under the Ministry of Minority Welfare.

6. Irrespective of religions some vested interest groups are trying to ignite the communal feelings through provocative speeches and developing hater among different religious communities. It has disturbed the communal harmony in Andhra Pradesh. The SGA demands the state government to take strict measures to safe guard communal harmony in the state.

7. The SGA demand the State government to allocate increased budget for Minorites in the state annual budget in the year 2013-2014.

8. The SGA demands the central & state governments to take strict measures for the safeguard of Women’s rights & give proper protection for them.

9. Demands the government to safe guard the heritage of our nation and avoid illegal constructions adjacent to the archeological monuments like that happened in the case of Charminar of Hyderabad.

10. The SGA demands the state government to make the ‘State Film censor board’ active and stop the film makers to show characters which are promoting hater in the community against Islam or any other religion and seriously damaging the image of Islam and other religions in the society.

The State General Assembly was concluded with the concluding speeches of the newly elected State President Mr. Shaik Abdus Subhan & the national Chairman Mr. K. Mohammed Shareef.

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