Popular Front joins the grief of the nation in the death of Delhi rape victim

Press Release: New Delhi / 29 December 2012
Sunday, December 30th, 2012
Popular Front of India Chairman K. M. Shareef expressed deep condolences over the tragic death of the girl who was gang raped in Delhi a few days ago. He strongly condemned the heinous Incident that happened in the capital city. As the 23 year-old Delhi gang rape victim passed away, it arouses a number of questions on the safety and security of Indian women. First and foremost, the attitude of the government and police in particular is primarily responsible for such heinous incidents. The latest incident should open the eyes of the authorities to take all measures to check assaults on women anywhere in India.

In this context it deserves mentioning that incidents of custodial and gang rapes by military, police and security forces are frequently being reported especially in the Border States and tribal areas. And the victims and their relatives of these incidents are never got justice and the criminals are not punished.

The positive sign in the present incident is that, the people of India took refuge in pen and paper to vent out the pain and demand justice. This vigor for justice should not be confined in a single incident; everybody should understand that all human beings have their right to dignity and identity, irrespective of class and creed.

And further, voices are being raised from all parts of India for enacting new laws for stringent punishment to the accused. K. M. Shareef pointed out that it is not the problem of laws or rules; instead, these types of crimes are repeated because of the lack of determination on the part of the authorities. It is our experience that the rules made stronger and harder are widely misused.

K. M. Shareef demanded that government should take steps for immediate trial of the culprits of Delhi gang rape incident so that it would be a lesson to all criminals in future.

O. M. A. Salam
General Secretary

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