National General Assembly of Popular Front of India elects new leaders

Press release 25th December 2012.
Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Puthanthani, (Kerala): The National General Assembly (NGA) of Popular Front of India was held at Malabar House, Puthanthani Kerala on 22, 23 and 24 of December 2012. E. M. Abdul Rahiman, Chairman of Popular Front presided over the Assembly. The introductory speech was delivered by the Chairman. He stated “Popular Front of India is the fastest growing neo-social movement in India. We were successful in spreading our message to new places of the country. It is indeed an encouraging fact the people around the country especially the northern states wholeheartedly welcomed our message. The participation of masses in the various programmes of the recently concluded “Why Popular” campaign proved that the masses of the country are always ready to be with Popular Front in the path of struggle for Social Justice.” Praising the commitment of the cadres Mr. E.M. Abdul Rahiman said “Popular Front is a cadre based social resurgence movement. Our cadres have always displayed great courage and commitment towards the noble cause of empowering the marginalized and oppressed section of the society. It is the responsibility of our leadership at all levels to concentrate on the character building of cadres and ensures that they are being developed as models in the society.”

K. M. Shareef, General Secretary of Popular Front presented the annual report. The report noted that there has been considerable growth in terms membership enrolment and coverage areas, especially in North India. One of the most significant observation was the success of the community development programmes. Educational campaigns like School Chalo and Scholarship schemes proved to be very effective and beneficial to socially backward communities. The Assembly sessions held discussions on various socio-economic and political issues. The Assembly also reviewed the growth and development of the organization and suggested the thrust areas and programmes for the next term.
The election of members to the National Executive Council (NEC) for the next two year term was held on the second day of the Assembly. The newly elected National Executive Council sat separately and elected the new national functionaries. The newly elected national functionaries and National Executive Council members of the organization are as follows:


  • Chairman: K.M. Shareef
  • Vice Chairman: Prof. P Koya
  • General Secretary: O.M. Abdul Salam
  • Secretary: Mohamed Ali Jinnah
  • Secretary: Mohammed Elyas Thumbay
  • Treasurer: Mohammed Shahabuddin

National Executive Members

  • E. M. Abdul Rahiman
  • Ya Mohideen
  • Hamid Mohammed
  • Mohamed Roshan
  • A. Mohamed Ismail
  • M. Abdussamad
  • Anis Ahmed
  • Moulana Usman Baig
  • Adv. Mohamed Yusuf

The NGA also passed the following resolutions. (Full text of resolutions annexed)
1. India’s support for granting Observer Member State status for Palestine is a step in the right direction:

2. Reservation for Muslim is a litmus test for the government’s secular claims.

3. UAPA and other black laws are a threat to Indian democracy

4. Justice for Babri Masjid will strengthen people’s faith on the Constitution

5. Israeli leadership should be tried at International Criminal Court for war crimes in Palestine

6. Release the innocent under trials

7. Rehabilitation of Assam riots victims.

The newly elected Chairman and NEC members took oath of office at the end of the Assembly. The NGA was concluded with the valedictory speech by the Chairman, K.M. Shareef where is urged the cadres of the organization to be more proactive in taking up people’s issues and advised them to put on more efforts to reach out the masses.
About 190 elected representatives drawn from different states attended the Assembly which lasted for three days. The delegates also staged cultural programmes in various Indian languages.


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