Bangalore: Popular Front holds seminar to commemorate Babri Masjid

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
Bangalore: Popular Front of India, Bangalore District conducted a seminar on Babri Masjid, “20 years of Denied injustice and betrayal”, at Darussalam, Queens Road, Bangalore. The programme began at 11am, with recitation of the verses from the Quran.

Mr. Abdul Wahid Sait, Karnataka State Vice President, Popular Front of India, welcomed the gathering of more 300 people, and in his introductory speech, he said Popular Front India has been conducting these type of seminars year on year in remembrance of the demolition of Babri Masjid. Today this programme is being conducted across the Nation.

Dignitaries from various social and secular organizations participated in the Seminar.

Mr. Balan, High Court Advocate, said that the judgment passed by the Allahbad high court is only based on stories and not on factual reports.

Mr. Venkatswamy, President, Republic Party of India, said that the act of demolition is to target and hurt the sentiments of two communities, by selecting 6th December to demolish Babri Masjid as the same day Dalits would be mourning on the death anniversary of Dr. Baba saheb Ambedkar.

Social Democratic Party of India, State General Secretary Mr. Abdul Hanan, speaking on this occasion said that Babri Masjid is not religious issue but it’s a political issue. BJP used this agenda to come to power. Now they have a different agenda

Mr. KL Ashok, Secretary, Komusauharda vedike, said that all the secular organizations should come together and celebrate 6th December as day of secularism and make an effort to stop the communal fascist forces from repeating these types of heinous crimes in our country.

Mr. Elyas Mohammed Tumbe, State President, Popular Front of India, in his presidential speech said that the Babri Masjid issue was started by Britishers to divide the people of this country. And later on it was continued by communal forces. Mr. Tumbe reiterated that Popular Front of India will never forget Babri Masjid, and will also not let the people of India to forget this. He said we will make sure this will be imparted into this generation, and generation after generation until we get Justice and t the Babri Masjid Rebuilt at same place.

Mr. Ilyas Ahmed, Bangalore District secretary, Popular Front of India, delivered vote of thanks.

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