We are Babri Masjid: Popular Front

Press Release 6 December 2012 Popular Front organised Dharna at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and across the nation with the demand to rebuild Babri Masjid and punish the culprits who demolished it.
Thursday, December 6th, 2012
Popular Front of India observed 6 December the 20th anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition as Anti-Fascist Day throughout the nation. A dharna (sit in protest) was organised at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi today Dec 6 2012 with the demand to rebuild Babri Masjid and punish the culprits who were responsible for the demolition as indicted by the Liberhan Commission. The dharna was presided by Popular Front chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman and attended by various Political leaders, religious scholars and civil rights activists.
Moulana Kaleemullah Siddiqui welcomed the gathering and he said “This protest here is not just a mere ritual but it is a struggle to justice for Babri Masjid. Popular Front is demanding the government as it promised in 1992 to rebuild Babri masjid in the same site and punish the culprit as per the recommendation of Liberhan commission and we have been campaigning this from the day of the demolition and through various programs through the nation Popular Front is today propagating these demands”.

In the presidential address Popular Front Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman said “Today is Babri Day. After the passage of 20 years, Babri Masjid has become an issue of only Muslims. In fact, the parties who claims to be secular are responsible for shrinking this national issue in to a mere Muslim issue.”

He added “Today the betrayal is completing 20 years. The betrayal of the faith that the people and constitution bestowed on our rulers. The truth is that these parties which make claims of secularism are not committed to it, while the Hindutva parties are adamant in their commitment to communalism. It is to be remembered that Babri demolition is not the only historic wrong pending correction. The distance and roadblocks are not reasons enough for retreating from struggles for justice. The very existence of humanity is on the foundations of justice. This message of struggle against forgetting has to be transmitted through generations. Hence lest we forget – Babri Masjid 6 December 1992. And We are BABRI Masjid”
While addressing Moulana Usman Baig National President All India Imams Council said that “The Congress Government has to understand Muslims are aware of the politics it is playing by reaping votes by creating a fear of BJP. Now Muslims have understood the scenario and if Congress does not fulfill the promise of rebuilding Babri Masjid then the Muslim community is capable of removing it from power”.

Hafiz Mansoor National General Secretary Social Democratic Party of India said “The doors of jails in the country that are filled with innocents accused of terrorism. The UPA government has shown no guts to take action against the BJP leaders on whom the Liberhan Commission pin pointed the responsibility of the crime of the demolition of Babri masjid”.

Asif Mohamed Khan Member of Delhi Legislative Assembly said that “The forefather of Muslims fought for the freedom of our nation and now we have to struggle for rebuilding Babri Masjid and just like we won freedom from British, one day will build Babri Masjid”.

Mr. Praveen – Lok Raj Sangathan said “attack on Muslims is attack on All Indians. And it is high time that all communities of India should come together and fight the fascist and all oppressors”.

Harminder Singh- Sikh Forum said that “Babri Masjid demolition, Anti-Sikh riots in 1984, Gujarat and Orissa riots were programmed targeting the Indian minorities. Today we have united against this atrocities and this movement has to go beyond this event”.

Prof Koya National General Secretary – National Confederation of Human Rights organization,
Ahmed Kazmi-renowned Journalist, Wahadat-e-Islami Yasin Patel, Campus Front President Aneesuzam, Qaumi Party President Hasnain Ahmed, Anis Ahmed- National EXE Council Member Popular Front,JNU CFI President Mohamed Khalid and Majlis e Mushawarat National Sec Dr Anwarul Islam also addressed the gathering.

The Popular Front activists raised slogans demanding to rebuild Babri Masjid and punish the culprits who were responsible for its destruction 20 years ago on 6 December 1992.

The dharna concluded with rally March at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi.

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