Popular Front Demands Govt., to exert pressure on Israel to stop attacks on Gaza:

Popular Front of India, Andhra Pradesh has organised protests in different parts of the state today and demanded the Central Government to exert pressure on Israel to stop attacks on the innocent civilians of Gaza, Palestine. Protests were organized in various districts. Local Popular Front leaders, along with the local social & human rights activists have participated in protests and submitted the memorandums to the district collectors and the local officers. In Hyderabad due to the implementation of Police Act-30, protest was not organised. Popular Front of India A.P State Executive Council member Mr. Mohammed Arif Ahmed along with the local leaders met today the District Collector of Hyderabad and submitted the memorandum addressed to the Honourable Prime Minister of India.

Following demands were made to the U.P.A led Central Government through memorandum:

To exert pressure on the Israeli Government to stop further killings of the innocent Palestinian civilians.

To snap ties with the murderous state Israel.

To exert pressure on U.N to intervene in this matter and do justice for the Palestinians.

To demand the U.S Government to stop the support of Israel for it’s in human & illegal activities.

Popular Front of India strongly condemns the horrible attacks through the Air force & Naval force of Israel on the innocent civilians of Gaza strip in Palestine. In the recent attacks the rightist Israeli Government led by Benjamen Netan Yaho has targeted & demolished hundreds of places in Gaza including the Cabinet Head Quarter of the democratically elected Prime Minister of the region Mr. Ismail Haniya in last few days & brutally killed more than sixty innocent Palestinians, mostly the cute children. It is shocking and highly deplorable that the US has justified the killings, which are against all international laws. It is time to call Israeli bluff and haul the leaders of the country to the International Criminal Court for committing crimes against humanity. It is also important that the UN seize of this opportunity to bring Israel to sense and intervene to stop the killing and destruction.

It may be recalled that India has consistently stood for an independent state for the Palestinians. Our national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru stood against the establishment of Israel, as it was unjust and against the principles of national liberation.

We hope that the Honorable Prime Minister of India will follow the foot steps of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi & the leader of nation Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru and work for bringing peace & justice to the innocent Palestinians & struggle for an independent Palestinian State.

We also express our support and solidarity with the people of Palestine in their valiant struggle for the protection of their national rights and the establishment of a sovereign state in Palestine.

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