Popular Front will strive for justice continuously: Tamil Nadu State President

Popular Front Day is celebrated on the 17th of February every year. Unity March and public programs are conducted as part of the celebration. Prior permission was obtained from the police on February 16, 2014 to conduct the Unity March at Ramanathapuram on February 17.

When the March was about to start, the police with a malicious intention to sabotage the program and to create a sense of fear among the public, lathi charged the public and Popular Front cadres. A large number of people including women and children were injured.

The police then foisted three false cases as they themselves acted illegally. One of the cases was earlier declared as fabricated by the court and the case was dismissed. On November 19, yet another case that was foisted against 1018 people was also dismissed by the court. Popular Front of India welcomes this court order and assures that it would strive continuously for justice.


State President

Popular Front of India

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