Popular Front of India demands withdrawal of UAPA invoked against CPM workers

Popular Front of India in a press conference here demanded to withdraw UAPA invoked against the accused CPM workers in the RSS activist Kathirur Manoj murder case in Kannur. All cases in Kerala in which UAPA has been invoked should be reviewed, they demanded.
UAPA was first invoked in Kerala by Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the Home Minister in the CPM led ministry in 2010 against the accused in a case of attack on a college professor in Muvattupuzha for his blasphemous comments.
The present UDF government also is not different from the previous government in invoking the anti-human UAPA. It was Mr. Thiruvanchur Radhakrishnan the predecessor of the present Home Minister who invoked UAPA against 21 youths at Narath in Kannur a couple of years ago. Now Mr. Chennithala is following suit by invoking it again against the CPM workers.
Left parties too were silent in the parliament when UAPA was amended incorporating the most anti-democratic and anti-human clauses. They have been supporting Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the then Home Minister and Polit Bureau member in invoking UAPA in the Muvattupuzha case. Now it has boomeranged and they are now compelled to challenge this draconian law.
UAPA is invoked even in petty cases and thousands of youths, most of them Muslims and Dalits including 115 from Kerala, are in the jails across the country.
Popular Front State General Secretary K. Sadath and Treasurer K.H. Nazar attended the press meet.

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