HC quashes case against PFI cadres

The Madras High Court has quashed cases foisted against more than 1000 members of Popular Front of India in connection with the incidents that occurred during a rally in February at Ramanathapuram. The cases were registered under different sections including rioting, attempt to murder and unlawful assembly.

Popular Front Day was celebrated on February 17 all over the nation by the movement. A unity march was organized at Ramanathapuram with due permission from the police. But when the Unity March was about to proceed the police denied the permission. In the meantime, certain miscreants threw stones at the police. The police who waited for this opportunity lathi charged the cadres and the public. Tear gas and rubber bullets were also used.

The miscreants were handed over to the police and PFI leaders and volunteers pacified the crowd and managed the situation. But the police filed cases against 1019 persons, including 1000 unknown persons. The 19 men filed a petition at the High Court.

Justice G M Akbar Ali observed that it would be farce to slap unlawful assembly charges against the petitioners after permission was given for the rally. The judge quashed all the charges that were foisted on these 1019 people.

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