Press conference at press club of India

New Delhi 04th November 2017 Popular Front of India is a nation-wide movement which strives for the empowerment of downtrodden and marginalized sections of the society, especially the minority Muslim community. It is an organization with large number of members and supporters in different states. Our programmes aiming at advancing education, promoting health and alleviating poverty have gained wide appreciations. Popular Front has been pioneering many people’s campaigns and agitations for the protection of democratic rights and against human rights violations. Popular Front holds the view that the biggest challenge faced by India is communal fascism. Their agenda of creating communal polarization and in keeping the religious minorities and other weaker sections in fear and insecurity is endangering the integrity and development of the nation. Unfortunately, these forces control our politics and government today. Hence we call upon all responsible citizens and classes, particularly the secular and democratic forces, to join together for saving the nation and its constitutional values. From the very beginning, there were attempts to malign Popular Front and curb its activities by communal fascist forces and the government agencies under their control with the help of a small section of media that are biased against the minorities. We have been resisting such attempts against the organization through democratic and lawful means. Now we see a new round of such vilification moves by quoting certain government agencies. However, it is heartening to note that the media as well as the people largely stand with truth and not ready to carry the vilification agenda of vested interests. In this context, Popular Front has decided to reach out to people by holding Grand Public Conferences in different states with the message: WE ALSO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. During the past one month, massive conferences were held in cities like Madurai, Chennai, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Kurnool (AP), Jagthiyal (Telangana), Aurangabad, Jaipur, Kolkata and Thoubal (Manipur). As part of this campaign to explain the views of the organisation on various current issues, a Grand Public Conference is scheduled to be held in New Delhi at Shastri Park, on Sunday 5th November 2017 at 1.30 pm (Tomorrow). Popular Front chairman E. Abubacker will inaugurate the event. Along with other leaders of Popular Front, prominent scholars and community
leaders will also deliver speeches. Thousands of people from in and around Delhi are expected to participate in the conference. Various programmes such as corner meetings, street plays, putting posters, distributing pamphlets etc. were held in different parts of Delhi as part of conference publicity. We request the representatives of print and visual media to attend the event and provide a fair coverage in their esteemed media. Leaders attending the Press Conference M Mohammed Ali Jinnah, National General Secretary Anis Ahamed, National Secretary A S Ismail, Zonal President Anis Ansari, Zonal Secretary Pervez Ahamed, State President (Also please see the attached conference programme) R

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