Criminal conspiracy behind the sting operation: Popular Front

In a statement, Popular Front of India Kerala state general secretary CP Muhammed Basheer has said that the so called sting operation aired by India Today Channel ensue from the mysterious moves by central agencies targeting Popular Front of India since past few months. The operation was orchestrated to fabricate evidence against the organization when investigations against the organization by agencies including NIA got stuck for the want of evidence.
The video was prepared using an informal conversation with individuals having no links with the organization. The content was then changed to effect desired results. They edited out portions from it and inserted new questions to suit their narrative. This has been made clear by the individuals themselves. The fact that union minister, NIA spokesperson and BJP leadership came up immediately with their responses against the organization shows that the whole episode was replanted and all had prior knowledge of it. The media persons involved in the conspiracy had earlier been fired from other media establishments for fabricating fake news, which makes the news anything but credible. They held informal conversation with the individuals, manoeuvred the individuals into saying words they want, later inserted new questions to it and presented as if it is about Popular Front. There is a criminal conspiracy behind it and we are taking legal action against it.
They are targeting Popular Front because the organization stood firm against the Hindutwa Fascism spearheaded by Sangh Pariwar and led legal battle against the violations of fundamental rights, especially in issues like Hadiya Case. We will resist these politically motivated moves through democratic and legal means. There is nothing in the agendas of Popular Front that is against the law of this country. Apart from the unfounded allegations, nothing has been proved against the organization that goes against the interests of the nation in its 25-year –long history.
Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country are participating in the nationwide campaign and the conferences as part of the campaign with the slogan “we too have something to say” launched by the organization against the attempts to restrict our activities. The vicious moves such as the sting operation are intended to destroy the popular support we are getting. Media houses should be wary of such elements who sacrifice all media ethics and principles to serve some vested interests. We request other parties and organization to see through the fascist agenda and avoid help expand them.

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