NIA findings reaffirms that “Love Jihad” was a manufactured myth: Popular Front

opular Front of India General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah has, in a statement, stated that the NIA findings regarding the non-existence of “Love Jihad” is a triumph for truth and a big blow to the forces that survive on falsehood. After investigating the 11 cases of inter-faith marriage the NIA could not find any evidence of the planned conspiracy of forceful conversion which was hyped by the media and fascist forces as love jihad.
It is to be remembered that Kerala and Karnataka police had earlier found such allegations as baseless. NIA’s latest findings reaffirm the fact that the ‘Love Jihad’ myth was a clever vicious campaign with dire and far-reaching consequences, launched by right wing Hindutva forces to create religious polarization in the society. Some sections of the media are also responsible to create the hype about love jihad and defame the Muslim community and organizations. It was also an attempt to curb the rights of an individual guaranteed by the constitution of the country.
Hadiya was one of the victims of the campaign. It was the unique and relentless struggle for justice put up by Muslim organizations and Human Rights groups and activists that helped Hadiya get justice and freedom. Therefore NIA’s findings is a source of relief for them all.
Though NIA has brought out the truth, it must be pointed out that the way the agency dealt with the case has caused a severe damage and disrepute to the individuals and the groups who stood for Hadiya fundamental rights as well as Muslim community at large. After the examination of 11 cases of conversion to Islam, NIA now admits that there is no conclusive evidence for Love Jihad and coerced conversion but unfortunately the arguments of NIA advocate in the Supreme Court were quite contrary. NIA’s stand often fell in line with that of propaganda of the right wing forces and Hadiya’s father Ashokan. It is undeniable fact that NIA’s intervention in the case delayed justice to Hadiya. The lack of transparency and the ‘sealed cover’ reports submitted by the agency in the court created mystery around the case, which catered to vicious vilification campaign against Muslim community.
Now that NIA has found the truth, we hope that it prompts the agency for serious soul-searching so that it’s stands are not misused by fanatic forces for their divisive campaigns. In the light of these findings, we call upon the media, administration and the people of the country to be cautious of such malicious propaganda in future which aims to polarize the country and creates enmity between communities for the political benefits of the communal forces.

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