PFI condemns the anti-Muslim remarks by H.Raja

The custodial killing of the innocent youth Syed Mohamed at S.P.Pattinam, Ramanathapuram by SI Kalidoss has sent shocking waves across the State. Various human right organizations, social movements and political parties have voiced their condemnation against this atrocity. The State Government has suspended SI Kalidoss, announced five lakh for the bereaved family of Syed Mohamed and has also transferred the case to CBCID.

At this stage, H.Raja, General Secretary of BJP has called for the revocation of the suspension and had also made baseless allegations that the Muslims have planned to unleash violence in the district. Popular Front of India vehemently condemns this illogical anti-Muslim remark by H.Raja. It’s a known fact that the BJP is good at gaining political milestones by creating wedge among the different communities.

Popular Front of India request the State Government to take action against H.Raja for his continuous remarks that are aimed at disturbing the communal harmony in the State.

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