Popular Front pleads to abandon the idea of Uniform Civil Code

The National Secretariat Meeting of Popular Front of India has pleaded the apex court to withdraw from moves like Uniform Civil Code that infringe the religious freedoms of the citizens at a time when the fundamental rights of minorities are being threatened by majoritarian communal forces. The meeting was responding to the recent Supreme Court query to the central government regarding the implementation of Uniform Civil Code. It is absolutely in contradiction with the idea of freedom of religion guaranteed by article 25 of Indian constitution. While there remains total ambiguity about the nature of the yet to born uniform civil code, it is natural that minorities foresee it as an attempt in disguise to impose the civil law of the religious majority on them. This concern cannot be ruled out in the context in which our country seems to be increasingly subduing to the arrogant dictates of Sangh Parivar.

We do not see the same urge from the part of the courts or governments in implementing other more fundamental instructions in the directive principles part of Indian constitution such as social justice, equal justice and free legal aid, minimum wage for labourers, prohibition, public healthcare and protection of environment. Unity cannot be brought about through forced uniformity; it can be achieved only through respect for diversity and individual freedom that governments and courts are supposed to promote.

Hence the meeting expressed apprehensions over the increase of observations, comments and orders from apex court on issues related to minorities and backward classes that can be misused by right wing majoritarian forces.
Muhammedali Jinnah

General Secretary, Popular Front of India

New Delhi

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