Popular Front Kashmir flood relief: First phase begins

Srinagar: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef will inaugurate the first phase of the organization’s Kashmir flood relief activities today in Mehjur Nagar and Bemina in Srinagar district.
The relief work will be based on the one week survey conducted by Popular Front team in Anandanag, Badgam and Srinagar districts in Kashmir province. The survey focused on the emergency requirements of people in the affected areas.
The first phase of relief distribution will be in Mehjur and Bemina of Srinagar district, and Kausa Check, Kausa Khalsa, Kausa Yarigund and Gadinja Pura in Bedgam district, and Beej Behra, Mir Datar, Deva Colony and Daharun in Anandnag district. The team will distribute food materials, winter clothes and blankets.
Villages in the valley have not yet been recovered from the devastation of the 18 day long disastrous floods. Many villages still remain submerged. There have not been any attempts from the part of government to drain water out of even the populated areas and because of this people are engrossed in the fear of epidemics.
Considering the high possibility of the spread of epidemics, Popular Front has set up a medical camp. People with fever, allergy and skin diseases could utilise this service. Preventive vaccines and leaflets about epidemics have been made available to people by the medical camp.

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