Popular Front to hold People’s Rights Conference in New Delhi

Popular Front to hold People’s Rights Conference in New Delhi

Popular Front of India is organizing a grand public conference under the banner “People’s Rights Conference” in New Delhi on Sunday 29 September 2019. The conference will start at 1pm at Indira Gandhi Stadium and will highlight the deteriorating socio- economic and political situation in the country and alert people against the authoritarian tendencies of Modi regime.
After coming to power by using all tricks of political trade, the NDA government is now busy in centralizing power and resources of the country. The Sangh Parivar outfits which enjoy full impunity under the government has turned the nation into a lynchistan, going after innocent people and beating them to death for the alleged sin that they are either eating beef or keeping cows. Culprits hardly get punished in such incidents. The killers of Pehlu Khan have walked free despite the existence of video record of the incident and victim’s dying declaration naming his killers.

Deliberately an atmosphere of fear is being created to silence dissent. Organizations that are brave enough to question this anarchy are suppressed with brute force. The amendment to the notorious Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) provides the government with the unilateral power to label anyone a terrorist and shutdown any organization.

National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise in Assam has made more than 19 lakhs people stateless in the name of excluding the so-called foreign infiltrators. The moves to expand NRC into other states foretell a worse scenario in the making. The state of Jammu & Kashmir after the abrogation of the special status has been turned into a prison with no basic freedom to the people. As per media reports curfews, night raids, arrests and torture have become a new normal in the state. Even children are put in jail.
Almost all economic indicators show that Indian economy is going downhill with growth rate around 3%. It is clear that this situation is the direct result of the brainless interventions of the first Modi government like demonetization and GST. Unemployment rate in the country is all-time high at 6.1%. Millions have lost jobs, factories are shutting down and even corporate are angry with the government for its economic failures. In an attempt to overcome the financial crisis, the government has forcibly taken away Rs. 1.76 lakhcrore from Reserve Bank of India, currently run by someone who hasn’t even studied economics.

At same time the opposition has also betrayed people by allowing the anti-people legislations to pass either by voting for or walking out of the parliament.

It is time to confront and dismiss this manufactured fear and insecurity. India is a great country, pluralistic and tolerant to the core. The situations prevailing in our country demand a new people’s movement that refuses to be intimidated and is committed to secular democratic values of the nation. Popular Front of India stands for empowering all citizens and classes to LIVE without FEAR & LIVE with DIGNITY. We believe that all sections that have faith in democracy and constitutional values should join hands to save our nation from turmoil. People’s Rights Conference is a step taken for making people aware of the new challenges and ways of overcoming the same.
Thousands of activists and supporters from Delhi and neighboring states are expected to attend programme. We invite you to join this event and become a part of a great mission to save the nation.

Press Conference presided by:
A.S. Ismail (NEC Member and President, North Zone)
Ashraf Karamana (NEC Member)
Anis Ansari (Secretary, North Zone)
Mohd. Ilias (Conference Convener)
Dr. Shamoon ( Director, Public Relations)