NIA has lost credibility, acts as a political weapon: Popular Front

New Delhi: The statement released by the National Secretariat of Popular Front of India after its meeting held at Calicut, said that the activities and interventions of National Investigative Agency (NIA) so far show that the agency is gravely prejudiced against minorities and backward classes, especially Muslims and is blatantly promoting the agenda of Sangh Parivar rather than the nation and its people
Without any degree of objectivity and regard for constitutional values, NIA has become too politicised to be a credible investigative agency. All its interventions under the present government have been selective. While on the one hand NIA has willfully helped escape Hindutwa criminals involved in Malegaon and Samjhauta Express bomb blast cases, on the other, it played a decisive role in fabricating terror cases against Muslims youths and sending them behind bars.
NIA’s handling of terror cases in which the Hindutwa men are the accused has created controversies. There is strong suspicion that the agency is simply letting the criminals responsible for the killing of dozens of innocent citizens to walk out of jail. It is to be remembered that in 2015 that Rohini Salian, the senior public prosecutor in Malegaon case filed an affidavit stating that NIA approached her asking to go soft on the case. She was subsequently removed from the position presumably for refusing to cooperate. Colonel Shrikanth Purohith, one of the prime accused in the case recently got bail Jail because NIA could not charge sheet him even after 9 years of his arrest. Reports say that the fate of Samjhota express blast case is going to the same direction.
NIA’s dubious reports were crucial when peaceful and lawful Muslim initiatives like Islamic Research Foundation were banned and Islamic Scholars like Zakir Naik was demonized. It is highly arming that NIA’s targeting and witch-hunt of Muslim leaders, organizations and institutions by linking them with terrorism and presenting them as threat to national security is still underway.
NIA’s sneaking into the proceedings of Hadiya case at Supreme Court has no other purpose but relate terrorism and security threat in spite of the fact that it is a usual case of freedom of faith and personal faith. It is unheard in the judicial history that marriage of a 24-year-old adult woman is being investigated by a national agency.
The meeting reminded the authorities that this level of moral depravity and lack of ethics on the part of a government agency would destroy people’s faith in democratic institutions.
The meeting demanded central government to end misuse of National Investigation Agency as a political weapon and called upon on all democratic forces and people’s organisations to voice against such grave violations.

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