Students’ Sunday Meet held at Bajpe

Mangalore: Campus Front of India, Bajpe division president Irshad has expressed concern over growing numbers of rape and crimes against women.
He was speaking at Students’ Sunday Meet held at Student House, Bajpe recently.
He said, if the situation continues in the same direction, then the country may witness a day when women may fear to step out of their house.
He also accused police inaction for this situation.
“Those who involve in crimes against women are roaming free without fear of law. This because of failure of police to act against them”, he said.
He crisized mixture of politics in the student protest against rape.
“If Congress government is ruling the state, then ABVP will come out and protest. If BJP is ruling then NSUI will be busy in holding protests against such crime. These student organization will be in vacation when their menotrs ruling the state”, he said.
He said any government may in power, Campus Front will never stop its fight against injustice.
Campus Front leaders Nizam Angaragundi, Musthafa Jokatte, Faraj Korakambla and others were present at the program.

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