Control HINDUTWA VIGILANTE: National Women’s Front

New Delhi: National Women’s Front president Zainaba AS in her statement strongly condemned the disgraceful attack on Muslim women at the Mandsaur railway station in Madhya Pradesh. The video being circulated on the social media shows that they were attacked in the presence of police. It is also reported that police has arrested the victims instead of the criminals, which seems to be totally absurd. It was a week ago that a group of cow protection vigilantes attacked Dalits in Gujarat in a similar fashion accusing that they have got cow skin. It is shameful for a civilized society to tolerate such attacks. Moreover, the present media reports say about their innocence.

Zainaba had demanded stringent measures to stop such violence and bring all the culprits to justice. There is no justification for attacking people for what they eat or how they make a living. It is their right & freedom as a citizen of India. She also asked the government to control hate speakers who have been encouraging such types of attacks.

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