‘Snap ties with Israel to bring end to its terrorism’

Mangalore: India should snap ties with Israel as effort to bring end to Israel terrorism, said founder of Creative Foundation Mangalore Anwar Sadath.
He was speaking at a protest held by Popular Front at Farangipet condemning Israel attack on innocent Palestinians.
SDPI D.K district general secretary Akbar Ali also spoke on the moment.
Imam of Farangipete Jumma Masjid Usman Darimi inaugurated the protest. Popular Front B.C.Road general secretary Salim Kumpanamajal presided over the program. SDPI Pudu gram committee member Jamal K. was present.
Popular Front Farangipete president Nawaz Barke welcomed while Ashfaq Farangipete delivered vote of thanks and Khadar Ammemar coordinated the program.

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