Protest against Price hike at Goa

Popular Front of India-Goa and Aam Admi Party held their Protest-Dharna against the ‘Rail Fare Hike’ at Margao Railway Station on Friday, 27th June, 2014 at 11 am. The heavy presence of Police Force restricted the entry of Protesters into the Station and thereby to the Rail tracks. The Protesters after the brief stand-in Dharna at the entrance to Railway Station with Banners, Flags & shouting slogans, marched towards the Station but, the heavy Police presence debarred the entry of Protesters.
Speaking on the occassion, Mr. Muzaffar Shaikh-spokesperson of Popular Front of India-Goa said that, “People of India has voted for BJP to bring a change and relief to Common man of India against the rising prices of essential commodities as against the UPA’s misrule. Is this the Government, the people of India voted for or have they voted for a bigger Monster in the making”, said he. He further added, If this is what, this Government is intending in the long run then they have to face the black days ahead in future.
Mr. Vishvesh Naik said that, Government is meant to work for the welfare of the people but, this NDA Government is least bothered about common man. He said that, if at all price-rise was needed to make for any losses, it wold have been increased by minimum 5% and 14.2%. He called upon the Protesters and public present, to oppose all the moves of the Government, if they are not in favour of ‘Aam Admi’.
Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf, President of Popular Front of India-Goa called-off the Dharna on the request of Police to stop any further advancement as it may result in legal action.

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