Popular Front welcomes evolving unity among opposition parties

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker in a statement has welcomed the unanimous decision of oppositional parties to field Meira Kumar as their presidential candidate against BJP candidate Ram Nath Kovind. He said that it is a forward step towards unity against fascism.
The Left, Dalits, Bahujans and all those who oppose fascism have been targeted physically and by other means under BJP government. On the face of this onslaught on Indian democracy, there is no way ahead for these groups but to unite and stand guard over each other. Therefore the willingness the oppositional parties expressed to unite at this critical juncture when the constitutional values and secular character of the republic have come under serious threat is definitely a source of hope for the people of this country. The statement congratulated all regional parties for registering their support to Ms. Mira Kumar despite their differences. In this regard BSP supremo Mayavati deserves particular appreciation for announcing support to the secular candidate by changing her earlier decision.
At the same time E Abubacker condemned the decision of Bihar Chief Minister and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar to support BJP candidate. While remaining an ardent proponent of united front against fascism and ‘RSS Mukth Bharat’ in recent times, his present decision to support Sangh Parivar candidate is a betrayal of the mandate people of Bihar has given to him. In fact this former member of NDA is proving how opportunist politician he could become under pressures or threats from Modi government.
E Abubacker expressed hope that the opposition parties will continue this unity against Hindutva fascism in spite of the results of presidential election

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