Popular Front of India, Manipur State inaugurated Sarva Siksha Gram

“Inaugural function of Sarva Siksha Gram was held on 12 June 2015 at Lilong Suptu Karong, Manipur State”

Popular Front of India Manipur State inaugurated Sarva Siksha Gram today at Tharaorok village of Lilong Taluk in Manipur.

Inaugural Program was Co-ordinated by Haji Mohammed Illiyas (Community Development In-charge, Manipur State) where as Moulana Wahidur Rahman (President, Social Democratic Party of India, Manipur State), Safiullah-(coordinator community development) and Md.Helaluddin (Head Master), Md. Abdul Barik (Asst.Teacher) and Md.Ahmed Ali (Social Worker) took the chairs of presidium members respectively and around 90 people participated in program.

Safiullah (Coordinator – community Development) briefly explained regarding the SSG and its objectives. During his speech he explained various Govt. schemes and how to avail it. He also appealed to make the village zero dropout. Almost all the speakers gave good suggestions and examples regarding the importance of education in the contemporary world.

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