Popular Front stages protest at Maharashtra sadan Delhi against Killing of Pune techie

New Delhi: Popular Front of India today staged a protest at Maharashtra sadan New Delhi condemning the Murder of Pune techie Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, and the riots unleashed by Saffron Mobs all over Maharashtra.
Ansarul Haq (State President Popular Front of India, Delhi) listed out the demands of Popular Front of India to Government of State of Maharashtra that
1.) Mohsin’s Family must be compensated with atleast 1million Rupees.
2.) A family member of the slain victim’s family must be given a Government Job.
3.) All the victims of vandalism must be paid for their losses.
4.) Punish the Organizations named in the vandalism and murder.
5.) Ensure safety to Minorities and their property.

Detailing the incident for the protesters Talha Husain (National Treasurer Campus Front of India) said “According to the media reports the controversy started when a person used fake id of a Muslim name and posted objectionable content on Facebook. It was intentional post which had clear goal of inciting communal riots. And this fake post was circulated to incite riots and more than 300 Buses were attacked, Masjids burnt and houses and shops belonging to a particular minority community were damaged .it is found that the damage to the shops alone caused more than 10million rupees loss.
But this was just beginning, as a saffron mob planned more gruesome attack and then Mohsin Sadiq Shaikh, An IT manager from Solapur working in Pune was murdered by the same criminal mob allegedly of a fringe Fanatic organization called Hindu Rashtra Sena. The innocent IT engineer was attacked and killed for no crime or reason, except he was a Muslim and sported a Beard and a skull cap. So much was their hatred and shamelessness that after killing Mohsin, (who had nothing to do with the Facebook in any manner) they circulated a sms which read” First wicket has fallen”. Mr Modi is on cloud 9 about the Saree sent from Pakistan, but he is silent on Badaun Rape case and Pune techie Murder. is this the “ache din” he promised.?
Umar Khalid (DSU) said “these mob groups are the extension of the state, when a state is unable to suppress valid demands and voices they use these kind of tactics to suppress the voices and the rights of downtrodden. Coming days are going to be too challenging and we can only overcome by our unity as our strength.

MoolChand INSAAF said it is the duty of Governments, both state and centre to ensure the safety of minorities. If any saffron mob group thinks that by having a BJP government in Delhi makes them immune to law and order and constitution then it must be reminded with strong measures that no one is above law, and that is possible only by putting behind bars these criminals who are not worthy to live in civilized society. If they are not stopped here they will be a bigger menace in coming days and a threat to peace and communal Harmony of India.”

Azeem Naved SDPI, Sadre-Alam NCHRO,Dr. Shamoon (Popular Front) also spoke to the protesters. After which a delegation under leadership of Dr Shamoon met the Resident commissioner and submitted the memorandum to him. Large number of police personel were deployed to thwart any unwanted incident.

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