Gulbarg Society massacre case verdict disappointing: Popular Front

Popular Front of India national secretariat meeting held at Calicut said that the verdict in the Ahmadabad Gulbarg Society massacre case is disappointing and not enough in providing justice to the 69 innocents who lost lives and other surviving victims. It was a mind numbing incident during the 2002 Gujarat genocide in which innocent residents of Gulbarg society including a former Congress leader Ehsan Jafri were brutally hacked and burned to death by a mob constituted of Sangh Parivar outfits and leaders. But the special court convicted only 24 people and 36 others including BJP leaders who were the accused conspirators got freed. The meeting expressed its support to those who are continuing their legal fight and asked them to remain steadfast till justice is delivered.

The Central Secretariat also expressed deep concern over the rise of mob violence on Muslim cattle-traders in various parts of the country. In such an incident in Chhoti Sadri, Pratapgarh in Rajasthan, Muslim boys was stripped naked and brutally beaten. Images show that the incident occurred in the presence of police. It is also reported that police charged case against the victims instead of booking the culprits. Surprisingly a case of cruelty against animals has been registered against the victims. Such officers act not in any way different from the Communal goons who are creating lawlessness and insecurity in the country. The meeting observed that it is shameful that the central and the state governments’ impotence to prevent such onslaughts on human beings in the name of animals are indirectly promoting communal goons.

The meeting condemned Bajrang Dal large scale arms training in Ayodhya as proved by video reports. Bajrag Dal is an anti-people organization with a long history of violence and hate propaganda against religious minorities. By this open display of disdain for the democratic secular system of the country Bajrang Dal is trying to create fear among minorities and religious polarisation ahead of elections. The statement reportedly made by UP Governor justifying the Bajrang Dal’s arms training in the name of self defense shows the depth of crisis met with the constitutional mechanism of the nation. Popular Front demanded UP government to disarm BD and other militant groups all over the state and provided security to minorities.

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