Hailakandi violence must be investigated by High Court Judge: Popular Front of India

The damaging of seats and helmets of bikes parked out side Marwari Potti Masjid near to Puran bazaar in Hailakandi while Muslims were offering Tarawih prayer at night, an incidence of violence occured in the area on 10th of May. The incident was condemned in strongest terms by the Assam state committee of Popular Front of India. In a press conference, leaders of Popular Front of India demanded a high level investigation into the incident under the supervision of High court Judge. They also demanded that the role of Police superintendant of Hailakandi Manish Mishra, DSP Noyan Mani Burman and in-charge of Town Police Tinku Goswami also shuould be investigated. They also demanded that the culprits involved in the incident must be identified and they should be awarded proper punishment.
The press conference was adressed by president of Assam State committee of Populer Front Aminul Haque, secretary of Barak Valley district committee of Popular Front Faizur Rahman, other Popular Front leaders Shahidul Islam, Sarimul Islam, Habeeb Ahmad, Mujahidul Islam, Shakul Ahmed, Kabir Ahmed, Mahidul Islam. They stated that, the damage to Bikes of Muslims on 9th of May was reported to District Magistrate Kirti Jugni and police superintendent Manish Mishra, but security of the Masjids in the city was not ensured. This negligence caused a bigger incident on Friday while Muslims were offering Juma prayer. But after the violence in the city of Hailakandi was over, the police randomly opened fire on the public on the street that left a man dead and several others seriously injured. After the violence, the district administration is keeping serious eye on the Masjid managing commettee, but they are not taking any action against those who have been trying to engineer riots in various ways, the leaders said.

In the press conference they also stated that, on last 17th of February, some Bajrang Dal goons attacked on Popular Front members of Hailakandi while they were celebrating Popular Front Day. On 7th of May the culprits caused damage to the bikes parked at out side masjid. They said that the district administration and the police department were informed about the incident repeatedly but no action was taken in any form.

The leaders of Popular Front visited the family of Zameer Uddin Tarafder, a resident of Narayan Pur and victim of Hailakandi incident and collected the details. They expressed deepest condolences to family members and demanded a compensation of Rs.50 lakhs to be paid to the family of the deceased and Rs. 25 lakhs to the family of those who are injured. They also demanded compensation to the damaged shop keepers. They also appealed the public to maintain peace and harmony in the district and cautioned not to be aware of the rumours being spread.